Formant Plot

Vowel charts without the tears, in scalable vector format (SVG).


Intermediate Lines

Width & Aspect Ratio

Absolute Dimensions



Select label

Regular expression

  1. Copy/paste your data into the box below this panel. The chart will update automatically. The input must be “label<tab>F1<tab>F2” You can copy/paste from a spreadsheet, for instance.
  2. You can include a fourth data column (i.e., “<tab>extra”), which will be displayed in a tooltip when you over over a value—useful for data exploration.
  3. Adjust the settings using the controls in the other tabs in this panel.
  4. Fine-tune your plot by manually moving around any overlapping or unclear labels. (But careful: if you change any of the settings in the graph, you'll lose your changes.)
  5. Click the “Download” button below to download your file. Your browser might just try to display it, in which case you should right-click and do “Save page as...”

You can drop the image directly into your word processor. If you need to change it to a raster format (like PNG or JPEG), then you can open the file in Inkscape (free, excellent) and do File | Export Bitmap...

Click “Formant Chart” above to collapse this panel.

Hold down “Shift” and move your cursor over the plot to see F1 and F2 coordinates.

Press “P” and you'll be prompted to copy/paste the output from Praat's “Formant listing” command. It will plot F1/F2 values from that output with the label “Praat.”

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